Preference #4: He’s grumpy

Niall: ’Babe!!! Where did you put the Oreo box?’ he yelled form the kitchen.
'You ate all of them! I have to go to the grocery to buy some stuffs!' you answered back from upstairs.
Niall sighed and walked over the fridge.
'There's no Red Bull too?' he asked.
You walked downstairs and joined him in the kitchen. He was bent, looking into the fridge.
'Niall, I told you: I have to go to the grocery' you said, posing one shoulder in the door frame.
He stood up and looked at you.
'Oh come on Babe!' he said, pissed off. ’Fuck! You can’t buy some crisps before I come home for God sakes!’
'What?! Don't blame me okay?! I have a life too, you know! I forgot and I'm sorry. You know what, I'm going to the grocery, right now!! Just to go away from your grumpy face' you yelled, taking your bag and keys, walking to the door.
You heard footsteps beside you.
'Babe! I'm sorry! You know that I'm grumpy when I'm hungry. I'm sorry Darling. You know what, just wait a second, I'll go put my shoes on and we'll go together to the grocery. Okay?'
You nodded and he left a peck on your lips. 5 minutes after, you were in the car laughing about his reaction.
Liam: ’Babe, hurry! We’re gonna be late!’ Liam said.
'I'm right next to you Liam, and I'm ready'
He looked all over the house and then at you.
'Did you take a bottle of wine we bought in France for my Dad?' he asked you, curtly, looking at the bag who had in your hand.
'I did! Would you please stop this! Everything is alright and fine! Why are you so grumpy Honey?'
He rumbled and looked away.
'It's just that… You didn't cuddle me this morning because you were too occupied talking to the phone with my mom about diner' he had a face of a little boy.
'Oh my God! I'm sorry Honey! I forgot that you are a pain in the ass when you don't get your Sunday cuddle time! Come here'
You wrapped your arms around his neck and brushed your nose with his. He held you tight by the waist and hummed the smell of your fragrance. He then locked his face into the crock of your neck and closed his eyes.
'Better?' you asked, touching the back of his head.
'Much better, Baby! Now we can go see my parents. Can't wait to eat the chicken of my mom! I kinda missed it!'
Both of you left the house laughing and thinking about his mom’s chicken.
Zayn: You joined Zayn backstage after his show. All the boys were talking and laughing in the dressing, except from Zayn whom was smocking outside, where the buses were parked.
'There you are!' you said, running over him.
You tried to hug him but it didn’t feel like he wanted too. He was looking away, smocking his cigarette, acting like there was no one here.
'Zayn, what's going on?' you asked, worried.
You never saw him like that. He was worried and pensive. You were afraid, afraid that he wants to break up with you or something like that.
'Go away! I don't wanna talk to you right now!' he looked at you with a hard expression on his face.
You had 2 options here: go away or stay and face him.
'No! I'm not going anywhere okay?! I'm your girlfriend and I'll be here to support you and see you cry if I have to! Zayn, talk to me…' 
You definitely chose the second option. While you were talking, you stood in front of him which made him look at you.
'It's just… I'm disappointed of myself, about my performance tonight. It wasn't good at all!' he said, pissed off and clenching his hand.
'Zayn, that's rubbish! You were amazing! Those hight notes, OMG! You killed us! How can you say that? All the girls out there were happy to see and hear you and you were pretty amazing out there. Now throw away this cigarette, kiss me and let's see the boys'
He smiled at you and obeyed to your orders.
Louis: ’Please Louis, get off of me!’
While you were washing the dishes, Louis found it funny to wrap from behind and don’t let got.
'Humm… I wanna stay with you' he said, his cheek resting on your shoulder.
You hit him with your bum (it hit his penis) which made him laugh.
'Are you trying to turn me on Darling?' 
'NO you jerk! Get off!' you tried to take his hands away from your waist. ’Louis please! I have to finish this and then take care of all your clothes you brought home!’
'No! I wanna be with you, let's cuddle!'
He let go off you to let you turn around. You laughed, but instead of hugging him you ran away and locked yourself into your bedroom.
'Come on Baby! Let me in!' he asked, laying on the door.
'Nooo! Stop it Tommo! Or I'll call your mum and tell her that you've called me slut'
You laughed but you heard him groaned. He hated when you do that because he knew you would really do it.
'Okay… Sorry! Indeed, you should call her, but tell her we're coming to see her today, that we're on our way'
'Okay, I'm gonna call her right now' you said, opening the door and calling her.
Harry: ’Harry, honey! I’m home’ you said, entering the house.
You took of your shoes and coat. You dropped the keys in the bowl in the entry and walked over the sofa in the leaving room. You found him, sprawled into it. You dropped the bags next to the sofa, sat next to him and kissed his cheek but he moved away.
'What? You don't wanna give me kiss?'
'No…' he crossed his arms on his torso.
'Looks like someone is pouting here!' you stood up.
'Yes! I am!' he had a child voice.
'Really? Why?' you asked, surprised.
'Because you didn't take me out with you today… I wanted to go shopping with you…'
'Oh come on Harry! It was a girl day okay? We said no Boyfriend because most of them are single'
He looked away, still pouting. You smiled at his reaction, he was such a baby when he wanted to! You grabbed one of your shopping bags.
'But I've bought you some things you know?'
Immediately he turned his face over you. ‘Really? Let me see?’
He bent over to grab the bag from your hands but you took it away.
'Huhu! Give me a kiss before'
He stopped pouting and gave you a smile. Then, he stood up, walked over you and gave you a sweet kiss on the lips.   

1 year…

A year ago, someone I really cared about made his way to Paradise: Cory Monteith AKA Finn in Glee. This may sounds idiot, but he was one person that I admired and still do. Just as you guys love 1D or 5SOS or Demi…., he was the one that I loved and still love. I’m just posting this to say that it’s been a year now that you’re gone but it seems like yesterday to me… I love you Cory, wherever you are ❤️😢