Preference #6: Date with the boys and their girlfriends

This was a preference idea! So to whoever requested it, I hope you’ll like it :)
Niall: ’Babe, do you need some help?’ he asked.
'It's okay, just need to dress the table and we'll be ready' you said, walking to the table outside, your hands full of plates. ’And you? Is everything okay?’ 
You made your way next to him, resting your chin on his shoulder, looking at the meat on the barbecue. It was one of those sunny and warm day in London, so you decided to invite the boys and Perrie, Sophia, Eleanor and Gemma, over for a nice day together. Niall was more than happy to turn his barbecue on.
'I'm happy to have a cool day with the boys and their girls you know. Feels like we're normal people, having friends over for a barbecue' he said, looking away.
'You ARE normal, it's just that what you do is unrealistic, that's all! You're still a 21 year old boy who has those types of days with his girlfriend and friends' you said, kissing his neck.
You turned around and walked back to dress the plates on the table, but Niall grabbed your hand, making you stop and face him.
'You're my everything, you know that? You're so down to earth, and make sure I still have my feet on the ground with you. And you're so positive and funny! You're the princess I've waited for my entire life baby girl, and I love you'
You looked at him and smiled, leaving a sweet kiss on his lips.
'It took some time for me to arrive but I actually got lost in the woods, but I'm here now!' you said, making him laugh.
You heard the bell on the door and ran to open it, you saw everybody.
'All here? WOW! You've waited each others on the road, didn't you?' you said, making them come in.
The boys joined Niall outside and you served them a beer, while you and the girls were in the kitchen talking and cooking. 
'Babe, it's ready!' you heard Niall say.
'Great!' you walked outside with the girls and ate.
The afternoon went on, laughing about how bad were Harry’s ‘Knock knock’ jokes. 
Liam: You joined Liam backstage after their show and ran into his arms to kiss him.
'So? What did you think about it?' he said, holding you on his back, walking over the dressing room.
'It was amazing Babe! You guys were rocking that stage! The girls were so happy! SO great!' you tugged your nose in the pit of his neck. 
You found the boys and Eleanor, sitting and laughing about the gig. Perrie couldn’t come due to a show, Harry and Niall were still single.
'Hi guys!' you got off Liam’s back and greeted everybody. ’The show was awesome!!’
'Thanks! Great to see that you girls liked the show' Louis said, cuddling Eleanor.
'We were actually kinda loud… I think you guys will found some cool pictures of us on Twitter or Tumblr soon' Eleanor said, laughing.
'Shouldn't say that! Now they'll go look for them' you laughed.
You stayed with El, waiting for the boys to see Paul, shower and everything.
'Do you guys wanna go out for a drink?' Liam asked. ’My treat!’
'Yeah! We're in!' Eleanor said, grabbing Louis’s hand.
The rest of the boys joined too. You went in a cool bar and got something to drink, spending almost the rest of the night talking and laughing. 
'Was my idea, but can't wait to go back to the hotel room to have some time for ourselves' he whispered in your ear.
You bit your lower lip and kissed him, telling him you couldn’t wait for it.
Harry: ’You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress Darling’ he told you.
'Thank you! You're not that bad either' you said, leaving a kiss on his cheek.
You were getting dressed for a diner date at the restaurant with the boys and their girlfriends. You haven’t seen them for almost 2 months, and this was great opportunity to catch up with them.
'Hat? No hat?'he asked, taking off his black hat off his long curly hair.
'Hat! But take it off when we'll eat. I have some hair ties in my bag'
He nodded and walked back into the bathroom. You put your shoes on and stood up, watching you in the mirror. 
'Don't worry Darling, we can't see it' he rubbed your 3 months old belly.
'I'm afraid of their reaction Harry…' you said, placing your hands on top of his.
He looked at you and kissed your neck, caressing your little bump.
'They'll be happy to be uncles, don't worry! We should go now, we're gonna be late! You don't wanna be late at your announcement diner' 
He grabbed your hand, walked out of the house and entered the car, making your way to the restaurant. Perrie and Zayn were the only one here when you entered the restaurant. You greeted them and sat down next to them. It didn’t took much time for the rest of the boys to arrive. The night went on and you were waiting the dessert.
'Y/N, do you want some wine? You've been drinking water and soda the entire night!' Louis said, laughing.
Your heart started racing. You smiled at him and grabbed Harry’s hand.
'Actually guys, we have something to tell you…' Harry said.
'You're getting married!!' Niall said, almost screaming.
'Not really…' he said, smiling at Niall sentence. ’We… She… You guys, are gonna be uncles’ he smiled at you and touched your belly.
It took 3 seconds for all of them to understand. Sophia, Eleanor and Perrie were the first to jump on you and congratulate you.
'You didn't told us! Oh My God, that's amazing!!' Perrie said, giggling.
Then, the boys stood up to hug you and Harry.
'None of us were expecting that!' Liam said, sitting down.
The diner went on, talking about the future baby and parents.
Zayn: ’Do you think that’s enough?’ Trisha asked him. ’I know Niall likes to eat… I should make more!’
'Mom, don't worry! There's already a lot of things to eat' he said, kissing her cheek.
Zayn asked his mom to cook diner for him because tonight you were inviting the boys and their girlfriends over to celebrate the fourth anniversary of 1D. It was nearly a date as Niall would say it.
'Trisha it's okay, you can seat now' you said, giving her a cup of tea. ’We just need to wait for the chicken to cook now’
Zayn sat down next to you, caressing your hand.
'I can't believe it's been already 4 years!' she said. ’It feels like yesterday’
'Feels like indeed…' Zayn said.
'You two are engaged, Harry is gonna be a Daddy, Louis is still with Eleanor and Liam with Sophia, and Niall has finally found a lady for him. Things change so fast!' she said, feeling nostalgic. 
You played with the ring on your finger and smiled, looking at Zayn.
'Oh my God, I was thinking about Niall, but forgot Harry's/Gf/N, she needs to eat for two now! I really need to make more chicken!!' 
She stood up and started cooking again, making you and Zayn laugh. 
'When we'll she seat and talk to us?' you asked„ laughing.
'I can still talk to you, you know' she said, giggling.
Zayn dressed the table while you were doing the dessert and Trisha was finishing diner.Then, she went back home to see the girls while you were waiting for the guys. It took 30 minutes to hear the door bell ring.
'Hey guys! Come in! How is my favorite Mommy doing?' you said, hugging Harry’s/Gf/N.
'Hey Bro!' Zayn said, hugging greeting Harry.
Then, the rest of the boys and their girls arrivedThe day went on and you’ve spent an amazing day all together, enjoying some time off.
Louis: ’We should really get going Louis’ you said, trying to push him away from your neck.
'I really want to stay like that with you! I mean, it's a great cuddle position and I like it!' he hugged you tighter.
You had a date diner planned at Zayn’s house for the 4th birthday of One Direction and Louis didn’t feel like moving from your arms.
'Louis, I need to get dress: and we'll have to go! I don't wanna be late!' you pushed him away and walked into your closet.
'Yeah… Perrie would kill us if we're late'
He stood up and put changed his jogging and put on a jean and a shirt. You also wore a jean and a shirt, with some cute jewels and a hat, and you finally ready to go!
'Don't forget your phone Lou!' you said, giving it to him, passing the door.
You made your way to Zayn’s house and were the last one to arrive.
'Sorry! Louis was kinda lazy this morning' you said, hugging Perrie and Zayn.
'We knew it don't worry! Louis is always like that when he comes home to you' Perrie said.
They laughed and Zayn punched Louis waist. You entered the house and greeted the rest of them. It was a great night.

New imagine ideas!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been online much this past few days, I just got back to school and it’s already kicking my ass really hard. I’m trying to update but my inspiration is hiding, so please HELP ME!! Enough chit chat! 😊
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